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Customs clearances / In-transit declarations

Whether your goods need to clear customs or move in bond, Our team of customs clearance and brokerage professionals can prepare and submit your customs entry or declaration quickly and accurately, ensuring full compliance with all local regulations. Our electronic filing solutions provide efficiency and consistency, moving your freight on to the destination. Anywhere, anytime, on time.

Export compliance / Export clearances

Export restrictions and regulations can change rapidly in the global marketplace. Our team of export professionals monitor these changes closely and ensure that your export shipments are in full compliance with any necessary commodity license controls, security filings, and restricted party screening requirements.


customs brokerage;
cross borders seamlessly

We help you manage the complexities of international trade and regulatory compliance.

ith our assistance, you can now cross borders seamlessly by utilizing our customs clearance services, import and export security filings and compliance management. Whether you're importing or exporting, we are there to provide you with a wide range of trade services to keep your freight moving forward.

Import compliance
Import compliance is more important than ever before. Our team of import professionals is trained to identify regulations from all government agencies, ministries or bureaus that may apply to the commodity you are importing. We can assist you in obtaining any necessary permits certificates or licenses to keep your freight moving forward.


Sometimes, changes to your customs entry or declaration are required after the clearance process. Our team of post-entry specialists can assist you with the preparation and submission of any necessary post entry corrections to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Duty drawback / Reclaim

Around the world, a large percentage of eligible duty drawback and duty reclamation claims are never filed. Our team of duty drawback professionals can help you determine if your goods qualify for a duty refund program, and assist you with the recovery of these funds.

Free Trade Agreement qualification

Your products may be eligible for preferred treatment under one of the many free trade agreements currently in place around the globe. To maximize your duty savings, our team of trade professionals can help your organization review the applicable rules of origin, determine if your products qualify for benefits, and ensure that you are in full compliance with the free trade agreement requirements. 


We realize that companies do not always have the time, resources and experience to navigate through the maze of customs brokerage and compliance matters on their own. We offer customs consulting services and training seminars that can help you. 

Importer of Record

We have been offering Importer of Record (IOR) services to several global customers for many years. Our worldwide IOR service allows our distance selling or DaaS (Device as a Service) shipping customers to quickly fulfill their cross-border orders without the need for establishing affiliates, searching for distributors or resellers.